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Past Events


Dublin: the making of a capital city – with David Dickson, Mary E. Daly, Colm Lennon and moderator Raymond Gillespie

Dublin Festival of History, Friday 26th Sept. at 7.00pm



Grave Matters; Death and dying in Dublin 1500 - 2000
Saturday 12 April 2014


Ciaran O'Neill

Funeral rites and practices, expressions of grief, and symbols of death including sculptures and literary descriptions tell us a great deal about a society, its values and concerns. For centuries Dubliners have left very visible signs and monuments throughout the landscape that allow us to gain some understanding about their attitudes towards death. But how did these societies really cope with death, loss and grief?

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Making Money in Dublin 1500 – 2000
Commerce in the city of Dublin over five centuries
Friday 25 May 2012

Making Money in DUblin

‘Leaders of the City? The Dublin mayoralty over Five Centuries’
Thursday 5 November 2009

Leaders of the City